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1) A Handbook on Climate Action for Baby Boomers AIMS TO BE an easy-to-read guide that not only explains why putting the brakes on climate change is urgent, but offers easy-to-FOLLOW suggestions for taking action on behalf of everything + everyone you love on this great planet of ours..

  • Download The entire 2017 edition, released end of december 2016 - the whole works - 136 pageS! (Just over 5 MGS)  

  • If you'd really prefer a hard copy (truly, no pressure! I'm the shipper :) it's $20 (including FREE delivery to any POSTAL address in Canada). CLICK BELOW...

  • DOWNLOAD postage-free cards to send to parliament; copy both sides on card stock (there are 2 cards per 8.5 x 11 page), cut them in half, and send one to your mp and one to PM Trudeau. See page 133 of handbook for more info.